Justin Bieber's latest smash hit - in a Ferrari

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has been involved in a Ferrari smash...

Well, not so much a smash as a prang so minor that when the police turned up, the officers decided there wasn't enough damage to bother writing any paperwork.
The poster boy for a generation of YouTube pop stars was hit by a £12,000 Honda Civic while out in someone else's black Ferrari.

According to TMZ.com, nobody was injured as a result of the Los Angeles incident, which saw the Honda 'tap' the Ferrari on its rear left side.

Reports conflict as to what sort of Ferrari Bieber was actually driving, with TMZ showing pictures of the teen singer in a black California, but other sources citing a matte black Ferrari F430 that he was first spotted in last year.

Either way, the diminutive star does seem to like driving his friends' flash motors: only a few weeks ago Bieber was reportedly pulled over when a cop spotted someone really young-looking peering over the wheel of a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead.

He was sent on his way after explaining it belonged to 21-year-old fellow pop star Sean Kingston.
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