G-Wiz 'implodes' during fatal accident

The safety of the G-Wiz has been called into question again after an inquest heard how a 47-year-old woman died when hers 'crumpled and imploded' during a crash.

Judit Nadal had stopped at a junction near her home in North-West London when a Skoda Octavia crashed into her G-Wiz, causing it to disintegrate; the devastated Skoda driver, who was found not to have been at fault for the crash, escaped with minor injuries.
Mrs Nadal was not wearing her seatbelt - reportedly for fear of crumpling her clothes - and was talking to her husband on a mobile phone at the time of the accident.

However, a witness described how the G-Wiz reacted to the impact in a highly unusual way. Talking to the Daily Mail, Deidre Allen said: "I was shocked at what I was seeing. I have seen quite a few car accidents and the car, its reaction wasn't logical. It was crumpling, it was imploding."

The G-Wiz is most popular in central London because of its electric drivetrain, which makes it CO2 emissions-free and Congestion Charge exempt. Its tiny proportions make it appealing to some for use in heavy city traffic.

But its relatively miniscule weight and power output mean it's officially classified as a quadricycle rather than a car, thus bypassing the safety legislation governing regular road vehicles.

Edmund King of the AA reiterated his concerns over the G-Wiz, saying: 'When the G-Wiz has undergone safety tests it has failed appallingly.

"We have raised concerns about this because even though it is meant for driving around towns, you can cause devastating injuries when just going at 30 or 40mph."
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