Video: Boy 'stuntmen' perform 'insane' tricks on Indian railway

Ruth Doherty

Video: Boy 'stuntmen' perform dangerous tricks on Indian railway
Video: Boy 'stuntmen' perform dangerous tricks on Indian railway


A video of two young men performing 'insane acts of rashness' on an Indian railway line have gone viral.

The boys are seen skidding along the platform in Mumbai while hanging on to a rail on the side of the train, before jumping onto a ledge as the train leaves the station.

They then jump out to slap passing pylons and even run along a steel viaduct alongside the train before jumping back on to their ledge.

According to the report in the Telegraph, a spokesperson for Western Railways called the stunt ' a dangerous and insane act of rashness which nobody should replicate'.

Officials are pleading for the behaviour to stop before someone slips under a train, and perpetrators face fines or up to three months in jail.

It is thought the boys might have been showing off in front of the train's 'lady carriages' .
See their exploits below: