Juicy Ford Evos is not Capri's son

Ford Evos concept
This is the Ford Evos. It's not the Ford Capri. It's due to take centre stage on Ford's Frankfurt motor show stand. And it's definitely not the Ford Capri.

The Evos is, says Ford, the ultimate embodiment of the company's "first truly global design language". RIP Kinetic Design.
The Evos is a four-door coupé – they're very fashionable at the moment – but each one of those doors is highly unusual. With each cut well into the roof and the front pair hinged from the bonnet, there's no way the eccentric openings will ever make production.

What will make production, however, are design features like the grille, side swage lines and bulging rear arches; expect to see hints of this on the next Fiesta. Nice.
Ford Evos concept rear
The Evos also showcases some technology that Ford hopes will see production cars within the next few years, including smartphone connectivity. Ford is typically vague about how all this stuff will work, using such diversionary phrases as "seamless lifestyle", "personal cloud", and "smart electrified powertrain optimization".

Basically, it'll be able to detect your BlackBerry when you get in the car and automatically adjust the chassis settings to your preference, and make sure Radio 1Xtra comes on. It will also close the garage door for you, because it knows you always forget. Sadly, it will not feed the cat.
Ford Evos concept interior
It's powered partly by electricity, using the same hybrid setup as the Ford C-Max Energi, due in Europe in 2013. The drivetrain allows electric-only mileage before switching to the petrol engine, backed up by the electric motor.

But it's the design that most people will talk about, which based on the following quote may owe something to Apple: "We worked particularly hard on meeting the high expectations of a new generation of buyers – a group of consumers who have grown up surrounded by beautiful, premium design work on even the most affordable products," says Ford design chief J Mays.
Ford Evos concept front
So, as a coupé that embodies Ford's next design language, it's logical to think of this as a Capri successor (conveniently forgetting that it has four doors).

However, Ford scuppers this trail of thought without actually mentioning the C word: "While you will never see this car on the road, the next generation of Ford products around the world will display many of the distinctive design ideas and advanced technologies it showcases," says global development guy Derrick Kuzak. So there.
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