Half of Brits would pay extra for child-free flights

Ruth Doherty
Half of Brits would pay extra for child-free flights
Half of Brits would pay extra for child-free flights


Noisy children on planes can be enough to send anyone round the twist, and, it seems, screaming kids annoy us Brits so much we'd be prepared to splash out extra on child-free flights.

A TripAdvisor poll of over 1,200 travellers reveals the majority of Brits would pay a premium to fly on a child-free plane.

Over half of respondents (53%) said they would pay extra to fly on an adults-only flight, while a minority 46% don't begrudge sharing the plane with tiny travellers.

An additional poll question revealed 55% of respondents believe kids should be banned completely from first class cabins.

'Many travellers experience discomfort and frustration when faced with noisy children on flights,' commented Emma O'Boyle, TripAdvisor spokesperson.

'This has long been a hotly-debated topic and was recently brought to a head with Malaysia Airlines' ban on babies in first class. It will be interesting to see whether any other airlines follow suit or even go one step further and consider banning children from certain areas in economy class.'

According to TripAdvisor's family survey, carried out earlier this year, children on planes are receiving frosty receptions.

One quarter (24%) of parents who have flown with children under the age of three claim to have experienced negative reactions from fellow passengers.

Parents who have not yet flown with their young children are seemingly sensitive to the issue - nearly one quarter (22%) claim they took the decision because it's unfair on other passengers.

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