Getting married abroad

Caroline Cassidy

Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life and whatever your plans, it will be a day to remember.

Not every couple wants the traditional British church wedding though - if you are looking further afield for a venue here's a guide to organising the big day abroad.

weddings abroad
weddings abroad

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Whether it's a chic European city, a Sicilian village, a long stretch of white sand or the glitz and glamour of New York or Las Vegas, you will likely already have an image of your perfect wedding venue.

Before you rush into anything make sure you do your research - consider what the weather will be like when you hope to get hitched (beware hurricane seasons if you're going long haul), look into the legal requirements (try the local Embassy or Consulate for the country) and how few or how many guests you hope will join you.

Many tour operators offer all-inclusive wedding packages for those wishing to marry abroad and can arrange the ceremony, cake, flowers, food and photos as well as taking care of all the legalities and administration. Make sure you know exactly what is included if you are considering this option.

If you're going it alone, however, do write a check list. Budget carefully - you may find the wedding itself is relatively cheap but having asked your guests to join you in foreign climes, you may like to include some sight-seeing or activities and these will need to be factored into your financial plans.

It's important to let guests know as early as possible so that they can arrange flights and accommodation and find out if you can get a discount for a group hotel booking.

Remember that some of your guests may baulk at the cost and time involved in helping you celebrate so it is important to ensure that their experience runs as smoothly as possible too.

Of course, planning your own wedding abroad comes with its own problem - the language. If you are keen to marry in a country where English is not spoken, a wedding planner in the UK who speaks the language may be able to negotiate good prices, organise the day and advise on legal matters.

Dream destinations
Amazingly, getting married abroad doesn't have to cost the earth and there are fabulous package deals to be had around the world.

Imagine, for instance the beaches and blue skies of Bali - from around £500 you can book a wedding package that includes the venue, cake and a lavish dinner for two, while flights start at around £550.

The Caribbean has long been a favourite with British couples and around 10,000 tie the knot on sandy beaches there each year. A fortnight's all-inclusive stay in Barbados will set you back around £1,500 per person but for an extra £500 you can book a wedding package complete with planner.

Las Vegas has long been the place for a glitzy, quick wedding and it's easy to see why with wedding packages starting from just £50. Search hard enough and you could bag yourself a bargain all-inclusive deal for around £500 per person, leaving you more to spend on the honeymoon.

Did you get hitched abroad? Where is your dream wedding destination? Let us know below...