Peugeot's HX1 concept is scissor sharp

Peugeot's stand star at the Frankfurt motor show will be the HX1, a six-seat scissor-doored limo with a hatchback. Weird.

Odd French limos have a history of tanking – see the Renault Vel Satis for details – but because the HX1 is essentially a family hatchback with Lambo doors, it might have a fighting chance.Not that there's any chance of it going into production; the HX1 is the classic 'here's our next design direction' concept car.

But it's also extremely cool, overflowing with proper, futuristic concept car details like alloy wheels with active aerodynamics – each spoke opens out like a fan, to create a flat surface.

Peugeot's six-seater is almost five metres long but only 1.4 metres tall, making it about the length os a Range Rover and fractionally taller than a Porsche 911. The cabin is four-seat as standard but features a pair of chairs that fold out when needed.

And it's best enjoyed from the back, where there's a mini bar, a coffee machine and a small slab of marble, like the lounge of a Barratt show home. The driver gets no such indulgence, but can at least enjoy the 'very sensory and hi-tech' cockpit, including a tiny square steering wheel and an adjustable, central digital display.

And there's a nod to the environment, obviously, although the HX1 is not a full electric car, rather a platform to show off Peugeot's latest plug-in diesel-hybrid drivetrain. It uses the HYbrid4 setup found in the 3008 crossover, but taken a step further with the addition of plug-in technology to extend the electric-only range.

So, the HX1 can cover 18.6 theoretical (nonexistent) miles without resorting to the diesel, which means its overall efficiency rating is a distinctly non limo-like 88.2mpg and 83g/km of CO2.
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