Latest pictures of fascinating Audi Urban Concept

Audi Urban Concept
Audi has released a few new images of the Urban Concept city car set to be its tiny star at the Frankfurt motor show.

The renderings show the scale and layout of the open wheeled electric car, which will be unveiled as both a coupé and a roadster.Audi Urban Concept roof up
Audi says the Urban Concept is a design study rather than a pre-production showpiece, but that doesn't stop it being a fully featured, fully functional city car.

It's not just the looks that are inspired by Formula 1, because the car has F1-style pushrod suspension and is based on a lightweight carbon fibre tub. The seating is staggered to minimise width while ensuring spaciousness for two.
Audi Urban Concept roof down
As on-message as stuffing a quattro drivetrain in there would be, it would also be pointless, so the concept is rear-wheel drive. Because both the coupé and roadster weigh well under half a tonne, a 15kW (20bhp) electric motor is good enough for a 62mph top speed and a range in the mid-thirties on a full charge.

Both cars will take centre stage on Audi's vast, vast Frankfurt stand – a £9m construction the size of a football stadium with an integrated test track. And no doubt some of the best canapés ever committed to a motor show.
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