What would you pay to live beside the seaside? How about an 81% premium?

There's nothing like a bank holiday by the seaside. Granted, this bank holiday is going to be more about wellies and collecting stones than bikinis and ice creams, but there's still a particular charm of huddling behind a windbreak and looking out to sea.

But just how charming can the sea possibly be, and is it worth the incredible premium we pay to live by the seaside?

Huge premium for the seaside
A study by property website Gobrix has found that we pay up to 81% more to live by the sea. It studied prices at the UK's most popular seaside towns and found that Aldeburgh in Suffolk had the highest premium for a seaside location. Apparently prices here are a stunning £174,177 higher than the average for the region - that's 81%. In fact, at an average of £388,340 this is the UK's most expensive seaside town.

But it's far from alone in commanding such a massive premium. Mumbles in Swansea followed closely behind with asking prices that are 75% (£128,461) higher than the average for Wales. Also in high demand is Southwold, with premiums of 71% and Tenby at 70% premiums compared to other homes in the region.

Of course, let's not be foolish, the seaside isn't the only factor here. These are disproportionately nice places to love for a number of reasons.

Cheaper seaside towns
So if you want to live by the sea without paying quite such a premium, it's worth shopping around. The site found a number of places where you don't have to pay over the odds in order to have a home by the sea.

In terms of value for money seaside towns, top of the list is Plymouth, with asking prices that are 45% (£107,512) below prices for the rest of the South West region. Potential buyers may also consider Margate in Kent (pictured), where sellers can expect to pay 41% (£112,857) less than the regional average or Ramsgate where prices sit 40% below the rest of the South East region.

The question is, of course, whether you particularly want to live in Plymouth, or Margate or Ramsgate. Is the sea really so attractive when it's cluttered with container traffic, or half of Kent flooding to tiny beaches and nasty arcades?

What do you think? Do you love to live beside the seaside? Even if it means Plymouth? Let us know in the comments.

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