Prince Harry parties hard in Croatia


Prince Harry parties hard in CroatiaPA

Prince Harry has been making the most of the bank holiday weekend by heading to Croatia and hanging out at one of Europe's leading open-air nightclubs.

Harry flew to Croatia on Saturday on an Easyjet flight. He's believed to be staying on a yacht near the the island of Hvar, and on Saturday night he headed for the Veneranda nightclub on the island.

The popular club holds up to 1,000 guests and has a massive outdoor dance floor with a swimming pool, as well as a more traditional indoor nightclub. There is also a 200-seat VIP area, which Harry avoided - preferring to party outside.

At one point he threw himself, fully clothed, into the swimming pool. He then climbed out and danced barefoot on the side of the pool.

He was later seen at the bar, wearing a borrowed white T-shirt, with his damp shirt tied round his waist.

Over the last year, Harry has focused on work and has rarely been seen out and about.

But he's heading to Arizona in October to spend two months with US 'top guns' as part of his training to become an Apache attack helicopter pilot, so this could be a rare chance to have fun with friends before he leaves.

Hvar is one of the Dalmation islands and is very busy in the summer. According to clubbing guides, Veneranda has an "unforgettable atmosphere" and is famed for attracting "drunken legions, hospitality workers and party-minded tourists."

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