Over half of Brits feel taken for a ride by theme parks

Thorpe ParkAs a kid the school holidays feel incomplete without the obligatory trip to a theme park, yet parents are left reeling at the extortionate prices with less than 5% believing that they offer good value for money.

A family day out at a top UK attraction costs around £105.60 in admission alone according to recent figures, and more than half of Brits (54%) feel theme parks have become a very expensive holiday treat.

In addition to the eye-watering admission fees, families also feel stung by the high cost of food and drink once they're inside, with 61% of Brits feeling that the prices charged by theme park restaurants, cafés and drinks stalls are a complete rip off.

And to top it all, despite the high cost of admission and refreshments, according to most visitors an experience which promises a day filled with thrills and excitement is more about aching legs than white knuckles with over half of people saying they spent most of their day out queuing for rides.

Consumers named Alton Towers in Staffordshire as their favourite theme park, despite admission for a family of four costing over £100.00.

Favourite theme parks
  1. Alton Towers, Staffordshire, UK - £100.80 - 1 day
  2. Disney World, Florida, USA - £823.00 - 5 days
  3. Thorpe Park, Surrey UK - £105.60 - 1 day
  4. Universal Studios, Florida, USA - $597.96 (£361) - 4 days
  5. Disney Land, Paris, France - £194.00 - 1 day
  6. Chessington, Greater London - UK £88.20 - 1 day
  7. Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Lancashire, UK - £88.00 - 1 day
  8. Drayton Manor, Staffordshire UK - £83.80 - 1 day
  9. Legoland, Berkshire, UK - £97.00 - 1 day
  10. Flamingo land, North Yorkshire, UK £95.00 - 1 day
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