180 guests help Nancy Dell'Olio celebrate her birthday in Puglia

180 guests help Nancy Dell'Olio celebrate her birthday in PugliaGetty

This weekend, 180 of Nancy Dell'Olio's closest friends and family gathered at the Borgo Egnazia Resort in Puglia, Italy to celebrate her birthday.

Nancy, who turned 50 on Saturday - although some question her claim that she was born on August 23, 1961 - was joined by guests including construction heir Hamish McAlpine and literary agent Ali Gunn.

The Borgo Egnazia is a luxurious resort with a spa, tennis courts, three swimming pools, private beach and cookery school.

Nancy is staying at the private villa, which boasts antique furniture, a spa, steam room, sauna and private bar - and is manned at all times by a team of personal staff.

The celebrations took place over three days and nights, beginning with cocktails by the pool on Thursday and ending at nightclub.

On Friday night there was a beach party with a live band and seafood and the celebrations peaked on Saturday with a gala dinner, serving some of Nancy's favourite dishes including caviar, lobster, crab and salad.

At midnight, Nancy was expected to perform her party trick of wandering through the party with a plateful of pasta, hand-feeding her favourite men.

Entertainment was provided by a 20 piece orchestra, Italian crooners and a Motown disco, followed by fireworks on the beach.

Instead of gifts, Nancy has asked her guests to make donations to the British Red Cross and the Terrence Higgins Trust.

Although she has indicated that they are free to buy her as much Champagne as they like...

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180 guests help Nancy Dell'Olio celebrate her birthday in Puglia

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