Venezuela named as cheapest place to fill up

Venezuela has been named as the cheapest place in the world to refuel your car, with petrol costing a miniscule 2p a litre in the South American country.

According to insurance company Stavely Head and The Daily Mail, UK drivers have every right to feel they are hard done by in the global fuel stakes, given our pump prices are the third most expensive in the world at an average of £1.35 a litre.
But those looking for some reassurance from the results of the research can take solace in the fact that they don't live in Oslo, the capital city of Norway, where prices are an average of £1.64 a litre.

For lighter relief, it is perhaps better to see whether any of the countries listed in the top 10 cheapest places for petrol are worth a visit, for the novelty of filling up your car for less than a tenner if nothing else,

Although if we are honest, there isn't really any that we fancy a trip to any time soon. Libyans might only pay 9p a litre as the third cheapest place in the world for fuel, but we think we'll pass on that for now.

The countries of Egypt and Bahrain have also suffered at the hands of fairly large scale protests in recent months, and they come in at numbers five and eight in the list of cheap places to refuel your car with prices at 13p and 19p respectively.

Apparently Venezuelans consider their cheap fuel to be a right, and riots leaving hundreds dead greeted the last announcement that prices might rise, so they have been kept ridiculously low ever since.

Cheaper petrol would be nice in the UK, but it is nice to know that us Brits are not sufficiently bothered to go to quite those lengths to get it...

How do UK petrol prices compare with other countries?

Infographic by Staveley Head

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