Libyan rebels claim Gadaffi's electric Fiat 500

It's fair to say that Libyan leader/former leader Muammar Gaddafi is a rather eccentric sort of chap, and this picture of his electric Fiat 500 will do nothing to dispel that image.

The Libyan rebels claimed the rather quirky piece of looted booty when entering the dictator's compound earlier this week, and it shows that Gaddafi's taste in cars is as unconventional as his headgear.
The creation is reportedly a one-off creation that cost Gaddafi around $130,000 from Castagna, which was converted to have doorless entry, an electric powertrain and a really rather wacky green and gold paintjob.

Apparently it should be good for a range of 160 miles when the batteries are fully juiced, but with no quick charger in the vicinity, the rebels were having to push it away from its former parking space.

As with much of Libya as it is appearing on the news at the moment, we would be surprised if it didn't suffer some sort of collateral damage now it is in the hands of the rebel force, but given the bizarre looks of this Fiat, we're not sure many people will mind too much in this case.
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