Video: My Little Pony, Top Gear mash up tickles us pink

With Top Gear fast becoming a parody of itself, it was hard to imagine how anyone could drag a genuine giggle out of the subject matter anymore. But that was before some imaginative YouTube contributor got their sticky hands on the dub, and sat down (for nine hours according to the end credits) to sync it to a My Little Pony video.
The resulting mash up is easily the equal of watching Postman Pat swear or Tintin talk like he was from Teeside. It doesn't beat seeing Hitler get kicked off Xbox Live (our personal favourite) but no doubt there's a bedroom fanatic somewhere that is writing humorous English subtitles to go with the German version of Top Gear.

We look forward to it. But for now click below to see Hammond, May and Clarkson turned into Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Luna. Or something.

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