UK shoppers most likely to complain

shopperUK shoppers are more likely to complain about poor service or rude staff than consumers in other European countries, research has revealed.

A survey of 11,000 adults across Europe, including 3,000 in this country, found that 96% of people in the UK would make a fuss if they received poor service in a shop, 29% higher than the European average.
The study, by shopping comparison website Kelkoo, showed that poor customer service, low quality products, rude staff and problems with deliveries were the main reasons for UK shoppers to be disgruntled.

Most UK shoppers said they believed service would not improve if they did not complain, although some were too embarrassed to make a fuss or did not think it would achieve anything.

Britons were closely followed by the Italians (95%) and Germans (91%) in the moaning stakes, with the French least likely to complain at 42%. British people also admitted they started to get irritated if they queued in a shop for longer than five minutes.

Chris Simpson, of Kelkoo, said: "Britain being crowned the biggest nation of complainers is definitely a positive thing for retailers as it enables them to understand consumers' needs and subsequently make improvements.

"This is particularly important in the age of social media, which is an extremely powerful and informative tool for consumers and retailers. Now more than ever retailers need to listen to consumer feedback and act upon it to protect their brand.

"With the adoption of the new EU Consumer Rights Directive at the end of June this year, shoppers, whether in the UK or across Europe, should expect the best customer service, delivery and returns policies from all retailers.

"We would encourage consumers to know their rights no matter where they shop so there is no need to feel embarrassed about complaining."

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