Ford Focus gets a Glaswegian lick of paint

A Ford Focus sat outside the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow had a bit of a makeover yesterday, as it ended the day looking like it had been the focal point of a guerrilla graffiti attack.

But rather than being the work of pranksters with a set of spray cans and too much time on their hands, the Ford was being used as the basis of a work of art by six street artists from Glasgow's Independent Recoat Gallery.
The site in Buchanan Street was turned into a temporary, open-air studio by the six, identified as Lyken, FiST, Syrkus, Rue 5, Death Rattles and the rather more conventionally named Al White, and took six hours to complete. It will now take part in the Ford Centenary Tour over the next month, heading to 20 locations around the country before finishing up at the Goodwood Revival on 18 September.

Recoat Gallery manager, Amy Whiten, said: "The artists we have at Recoat have been doing great work in Scotland and we are delighted to get the chance to show what we can do. We've worked on a few different vehicle projects but this is the first time the artists have collaborated on completely restyling the paint job of a car."

One hopes the car doesn't inspire other artists to undertake unofficial 'vehicle projects' of their own in the city, mainly as they are unlikely to do as neat a job as this.
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