Video: Bentley shows off new convertible Continental

New Bentley Continental convertible

The convertible Bentley Continental GTC is set to make its international debut at the Frankfurt motor show, joining the Coupe GT that was launched last year.

The drop-top Continental comes with a more powerful 6.0-litre engine and an uprated chassis compared to the previous convertible, as it takes on the powertrain and the performance of the coupe.
The 567bhp unit gets the big four-seater to 60mph in just 4.5 seconds (0.1 seconds slower than the hard top version) and keeps going til it reaches a staggering 195mph.

While the styling of the new car is recognisable compared with the last car, Bentley says it has made some key changes, insisting that where the old GTC was "elegant and understated", the new one has a "more contemporary and muscular presence" thanks to a set of sharper lines and a set of new wheels.

Bentley Continental convertible with hood up

In a bid to make a visual impact with every one of the GTCs sold, 20-inch wheels are now available as standard, while there is a choice of three different styles of 21-inch rims.

The visual flair should carry over to the driving experience as well, with a wider track both front and rear, sharper steering and retuned suspension all aiming to improve handling. The power is now also sent 60/40 in favour of the rear wheels, rather than the 50/50 bias of the old car, to help reduce understeer in hard cornering.

Despite this increased emphasis on sportiness, the GTC retains its inherent luxury on the inside, with more space and cosseting on offer. There is a choice of 17 soft-touch leather colours, and seven wood veneers.

Topless Bentley Continental convertible

Bentley insists that refinement has been improved to the extent that the experience with the roof up should not be too far removed from the coupe's quiet ride.

Prices have yet to be finalised, and deliveries will start at the end of 2011.
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