Red Bull F1 car goes all WRC

The latest chapter in Red Bull's Formula 1 publicity tour has seen team and car wing to the Circuit of Americas track.

There, box-jawed racer-turned-pundit David Coulthard ripped up an F1 car on a dirt track. The resulting video is a feast of dusty oversteer.
Sadly, no video is available of what the car had been up to prior to hitting the dirt: a few laps in the hands of Hollywood A-lister Tom Cruise.

Yes, everyone's favourite stunted Scientologist did 24 laps around California's Willow Springs circuit under the guidance of Mr Coulthard.

According to Red Bull, the Scot was "thoroughly impressed" by the Jerry Maguire star, who during his latter session hit a 181mph top speed - only 4mph short of Coulthard's.

We're waiting to find out whether this is a world speed record for any car driven from a booster seat...

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