iPhone the choice for 40% of Europe

iPhoneA survey of over 7,000 people has provided further evidence, if any was needed, of the brand appeal of Apple's iPhone by revealing that 40% of European smartphone buyers are planning to buy an iPhone in the near future. Just 19% would opt for an Android device and 17% for a Blackberry.
The figures come from Yankee Group, the UK-based research outfit, which interviewed 5,000 consumers and 2,250 "employees and IT decision-makers". The survey also revealed some interesting patterns of use, such as the fact that people are increasingly using their own computing devices for work.

Tablet devices

It also found that most people own multiple devices and that using a tablet device makes them feel more productive on the road. But it's the preference for Apple devices that really catches the eye, and shows the size of the task facing other device manufacturers.

"These findings highlight the continued strength of Apple in the European smartphone market,"said Yankee Group vice-president Declan Lonergan. "The data also highlights the enormous challenges faced by Nokia and RIM to retain mind share and market share in this increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace."

Some more research from digital market intelligence service comScore also shows the relatively new tablet sector is already accounting for a large proportion of web traffic, a proportion comScore observes is far in excess of their relative installed base.

iPod Touch

The UK has the highest level of internet traffic coming via non-PC devices, 5.5%, with Spain in second place on 2.3%. The comScore survey found that 29.9% of non-PC internet traffic in the UK went through iPhones, 21.3% via iPads, and 8.7% through iPod Touch.

Canada, it turns out, is where the iPad is most popular, with 33.5% of non-PC traffic coming via the device. Brazil, Germany, Spain and France are next on the list, with the UK coming in at ninth. Only in the US and Argentina is Android a more used platform than the iPhone's iOS.
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