Ford and Toyota to make 'Prius SUV'

Mark Nichol

Ford and Toyota have announced they're to join forces to make hybrid trucks and SUVs.

The two carmakers will jointly develop a new hybrid system specifically for the sort of massive cars that sell well in America.

In a joint statement, Ford and Toyota say that the first wave of cars utilising the new system will be rear-wheel drive light trucks, hitting the market "later this decade."

The move is designed to cut development costs, allowing a shared hybrid platform to underpin separately branded Ford and Toyota vehicles.

According to the statement, the "rear wheel drive hybrid system will share significant common technology and components, [but] Ford and Toyota will individually integrate the system into their own vehicles."

The two companies have also announced they'll work together on a new web-based in-car entertainment and telematics platform.

The full agreement between the two companies isn't finalised yet - these things don't happen with a handshake in a Little Chef - so it'll be next year before things start to happen.

So, expect a raft of updates from 2012 including first details on these eco friendly rear-wheel drive pick up trucks.