Quimera is world's quickest electric car at 186mph

Not many cars can compete with the Lamborghini Aventador in the power and acceleration stakes, so what chance of an electric car built by a bunch of unknown academics?

Well, it's been done. The car's called the Quimera All-Electric Grand Tourer (AEGT), and it will hit 60mph in three seconds flat before topping out at 186mph.
It achieves those barely believable numbers by stuffing three electric motors under the skin, together developing around 700bhp and 737lb/ft of torque.

Worryingly, its creators don't say what sort of range the AEGT has; we imagine it would take a battery the size of a Kensington bedsit to last more than ten minutes at full pelt on a single charge.

We don't know much about the car's provenance, apart from that it was conceived by a consortium of European universities and businessmen that also have interests in other sustainable projects.

It's built using swathes of carbon fibre, both for the monocoque chassis and body panels. A second-generation prototype, called the Evo-II is said to be on the way.

No racing series is able to accommodate the raucous electric racer as yet, so for the time being it's being touted as a test bed for electric technology.

Who knows, maybe the next generation Nissan Leaf will be tri-motored?
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