Brad Pitt stole my parking space

Having a cast of Hollywood A-listers descend upon your back yard would usually be a good reason to dust off the old autograph book and start furiously texting your mates.
But instead of that, scores of angry motorists are getting straight onto the council to complain. And with good reason.

It's because drivers across the UK are losing their parking spaces while their streets are overtaken by film stars, camera crews and hangers on.

A Freedom of Information request by the Daily Telegraph has revealed that over the last two years, 12 councils have made over £250,000 leasing out their streets to film companies; London is, of course, the most popular with movie makers by far.

And because no council is obliged to provide alternatives to the lost spaces, residents are often left with nowhere to park. Even worse, some are returning to find their cars have been towed away to make way for trailers and massage tents: Islington Council, for example, has towed 420 cars over the last couple of years.

A street in posh Primrose Hill was shut for five hours so that Barbara Windsor could film a 10 minute TV advert.

Not all councils are playing the villain, however – Edinburgh will provide an alternative to every parking space it leases out to a film company.

But in Glasgow – currently hosting Brad Pitt as he films apocalyptic zombie flick World War Z – the council will respond to any complaint about loss of a parking space with the same level of compassion as the average zombie. Glasgow doesn't do alternative spaces. So there.
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