Foodie Brits spend holidays over-indulging in food and drink

Cheese boardBritish holidaymakers splash out an average of £610 on meals and snacks during a fortnight abroad - spending nearly four hours every day eating.

All-inclusive travellers in particular get their money's worth by loading up on buffet food and drinking as much alcohol as they can. One in four overindulge so much that they go on a post-holiday detox diet to lose the extra pounds.
We clearly enjoy indulging in the local cuisine - over four in ten say that they eat more food during their travels than they would at home, according to research by Churchill Travel Insurance.

Holidaymakers who opt for all-inclusive packages seem to be the most over-indulgent at meal times, with half taking advantage of the hotel buffet and eating more than usual when they're abroad. Furthermore, nearly one in three all-inclusive travellers treat themselves to more sugary and high-fat foods while they're away.

One in four all-inclusive holidaymakers also admit that they try and get their money's worth out of their holiday package by drinking as much free alcohol as they can during their stay.

After all this over-indulgence, it's perhaps no wonder that many holidaymakers return to home soil feeling sluggish and in need of a detox. A quarter of Brits admit that they have to go on a health kick to lose their holiday pounds after eating to excess on holiday.

Annette Fox, spokesperson for Churchill Travel Insurance, said: "It seems that British travellers are making the most of the cuisine on offer in other countries while they are abroad. However, remember to check that the food is safe to eat if you're eating away from your hotel, and be safe and know your limits when drinking alcohol."
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