David Cameron goes on fifth holiday this year (after watching cricket)

Ruth Doherty
David Cameron heads off on fifth holiday this year (after watching the cricket)
David Cameron heads off on fifth holiday this year (after watching the cricket)


David Cameron has headed off to Cornwall for his fifth holiday this year.

But, before he went, he had to take in an afternoon of cricket and beer.

According to the Telegraph, he said of his trip to the England v India Test at the Oval: 'I hope no one will begrudge me an afternoon at the cricket. Particularly when England are playing so well.'

David and his wife Samantha are taking a staycation in Cornwall after their two-week holiday in Italy was cut short by the riots in the UK.

The Tuscany trip follows a getaway to Granada for Cameron's 40th birthday in April, a trip to Cornwall at Easter, and a half-term holiday in Ibiza in May.

According to the Daily Mail, Cameron defended his right to a normal life in an interview with Radio 4's Test Match Special.

He said: 'The pressures on your diary and time are massive, so you have to try to make sure your diary is arranged in a way that lets you have some normal life.

'Otherwise you get completely fried, you make terrible decisions.'

He also revealed that he loves playing tennis, filling in time at his £10,000 a week Tuscan villa on the courts with fellow Old Etonian Sebastian James.

He said: 'I played a lot of doubles on holiday. It was very competitive but there were no broken rackets, no racket abuse, no ball abuse, none of that.'

Cameron also revealed that he's always on call when he's away on a trip, explaining: 'When I'm on holiday, of course I've got my BlackBerry, I've got my mobile phone. Part of my office is with me. There's a secretary, there's a duty clerk. There's someone to help with IT.

'If I suddenly need to speak to the Metropolitan Police chief or President Obama, it's all in place for that to be done. So you're never totally on holiday.

'I think it's important to try to take a holiday but if you need to drop everything, you drop everything. You come back.'

Phew, we don't need to worry, then...

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