Radio controlled car defies water and gravity combo

Skipping stones plays a big part in the idyllic memories of our youth, and we still break out our skills when trying to impress ladyfolk and small children, but we bow down to the chaps in this video.

For they have upped the ante somewhat and taken their radio controlled car out to a small pond to see if the flat-bottomed object/high speed combination works on more than just stones.
And, amazingly, it does. The no-lifting, no-steering and praying mentality sees the little car all the way across the lake on not one but two occasions.

The regular backflips and undignified dismount suggest that this is not a trick that can be translated to real life just yet though, especially as you'd probably to get your person-sized car up to sufficient speed to pull it off.

On a side note, one wonders just how many radio controlled cars there are at the bottom of that lake – we'd like to hope the stunt was nailed first time, but we fear not...

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