New London-based supercar firm denies F1 link

A spokesman for Eterniti has denied all knowledge of a Twitter account which claimed that there was a link between the new company and Formula 1 team, Red Bull.

A picture was posted on the account @EternitiMotors claiming to link the company with the Formula 1 outfit, and suggesting a car made by the new firm would have technology such as "electrically controlled spoiler adjustment" and "high-speed steering".
However, when asked if there was any link between Eterniti and Red Bull, the spokesman said "Good golly no! We are completely independent of any car brand and OEM (original equipment manufacturer)."

He also said: "There is no link between Eterniti and F1."

He did however confirm that there are some employees at the company that have worked with F1 outfits in the past.

The spokesman said that the company's plan was to create a "Super-SUV" called the Hemera that will be the first car in the gap in the market that Bentley and Lagonda are talking about going after.

"The car in the sketch is an indication of the first car, which will create a new niche above the most luxurious SUVs currently available, and will offer handmade interiors with any level of bespoke interior trim a customer requires, as will all future Eterniti products," he said.

The company is based in London and is backed by an international group of investors and is premiering the Hemera at the Frankfurt motor show in September.
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