Disappointment for Bluebird Electric team

Bad weather conditions, which caused damage to the Bluebird Electric car, put pay to the latest attempt by the Campbell family to set a new electric land speed record.

Last weekend, Don Wales – grandson of the celebrated Malcolm Campbell and nephew of Donald Campbell, returned to Pendine sands in Carmarthenshire in Wales with his son Joseph, to try to add another entry in the history books.
Weather conditions on the Saturday hampered the exploratory runs, but gave Joe plenty of valuable experience behind the wheel.

Thankfully, blue sky on the Sunday gave Joe the chance to enter the record books himself. However, disaster struck on the return leg of a fast outward run, which was brought to a premature end. Limited visibility and an alarming slide towards the sea at over 100mph caused the car to bounce on the uneven surface and hit a pothole in the sand.

The result of the impact was damage to the bodyshell, steering components and a disconnected bottom wishbone. Thankfully Joe was unharmed, but an incoming tide meant that the car couldn't be repaired in time to run again.

Despite this setback, Don Wales and the rest of the Bluebird Electric team are hoping for another shot at the record in the future.

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