Morgan to make prototype electric supercar

British sports car company Morgan is set to create an electric sports car concept based on the Supersports in collaboration with engine technology company Zytek.

In a break from most electric cars currently on sale, Morgan's version will come with a conventional manual gearbox rather than an automatic or single geared 'box.
The engine's creators at Zytek said this is to help extend the sportscar's efficiency and performance.

"Keeping the motor in its sweet spot will help it use energy more efficiently, which will increase the vehicle's range," explains Zytek's engineering programme manager Neil Cheeseman. "It also allows us to provide lower gearing for rapid acceleration from pull-away and higher gearing for top speed. It should also make the car more engaging for keen drivers."

The engine itself will be an adaptation of Zytek's existing 94bhp electric powertrain that the company already supplies to American manufacturers. Morgan is hoping that the resulting car will provide high levels of performance despite the relatively low levels of power on offer.

"This is an exciting investigation into the potential for a zero-emissions Morgan with near supercar performance," says Morgan's operations director, Steve Morris. "By working closely with Zytek and Radshape, who already have considerable expertise in this field, we aim to make this a realistic concept that could lead to further developments if demand and other factors prove favourable."

The partnership hopes to create two concept cars for testing in the early stages of 2012.
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