Russians plan to launch first hotel in space

A Russian company is planning to launch the first hotel in space.

Called the Commercial Space Station, it is scheduled to open among the stars in 2016, long before Virgin boss Richard Branson builds his space hotel. It will be built 217 miles above the earth and accessed via Russian Soyuz rockets.

Design plans were unveiled in Moscow this week by Orbital Technologies, which plans to become the Thomas Cook of the Milky Way.

Aimed at wealthy travellers, a five-day stay will cost a mere £100,000 but it will cost another £250,000 to get there.

Sergei Kostenko, Orbital's chief executive, told the Daily Mail that his orbiting hotel would be 'far more comfortable' than the International Space Station and aimed at 'wealthy individuals' or people who want to do research in space.

The space station's four cabins, which will have huge windows for intergalatic views, will accommodate seven guests who can choose from vertical or horizontal beds. The showers will be totally sealed to prevent water escaping. Celebrity chefs may be employed to cook the meals before they are sent into space.

Orbital Technologies is affiliated with RSC Energia, the main Russian contractor for the International Space Station.

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