Lotus appoints a rapper as new design and marketing consultant

Oh Land Rover, what have you started? Getting Victoria Beckham to help out with the creation of the Range Rover Evoque might have garnered a lot of column inches, but it didn't please everyone.

Now Lotus has got in on the celebrity employee action, naming a rapper dubbed "Swizz Beatz" as a new consultant. But he is not just set to scribble a signature on a special edition, Lotus has given him the grand title of "Vice President of Creative Design and Global Marketing".
But at least Ms Beckham is rather well known in this country to almost anyone that has walked past a newspaper stand in the last decade or so, but a quick straw poll (asking the rest of the office) suggests that Mr Beatz is rather less famous. Although he is apparently a Grammy award winner, so that might say more about us than anything else.

Of course we could be wrong, he might have plenty of experience in the marketing of a global automotive brand or indeed of designing small sports cars, in which case we apologise in advance.

But in the meantime, we shall remain bemused. Still, at least it gave us a chance to listen to a couple of his hits – 'It's Me Snitches' shows he is a bit of a car fan, namechecking Beemers and driving a Ferrari.

That'll have to change – "Chilling in my Beemer" will presumably become "Chilling in my Evora". Not quite the same ring to it though...

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