Boom in all-inclusive holidays as Brits limit spending

Caroline Cassidy

It was once considered a luxury many of us couldn't afford but the all-inclusive holiday is booming. And surprisingly, it is the financial pressures currently facing British families that is causing the increase in bookings.

Boom in all-inclusive holidays
Boom in all-inclusive holidays

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All-in package deals allow holidaymakers to get away without worrying about the cost of activities or eating out and that's proving tempting for families looking to curb their holiday spending.

According to The Co-operative Travel, the number of all-inclusive bookings has risen by 50 per cent over the last four years and a third of package holidays are now all-in deals.

Where once booking your flight and accommodation separately was deemed the cheaper option, many found their spending quickly spiralled when they hit the beach bars and restaurants but cheaper deals, which often include all meals, drinks and some resort facilities, are now proving a hit.

Trevor Davis, director of retail distributions at Co-operative, said: "The growth in all-inclusive holidays is remarkable and shows no sign of slowing.

"By next summer, just under half of all package holidays are likely to be all-inclusive if the current trend continues.

"With holiday budgets still tight, it's clear that more and more people are preferring a fixed cost option, meaning that they can relax during their break without counting the pennies."

What do you think - do you feel safer with an all-inclusive deal? Leave your comments below...