Kia to reveal BMW M5 rival at Frankfurt?

Kia will unveil a sports saloon at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show that it hopes will take the fight to BMW's M5.

Based on the Hyundai Genesis platform - a large sedan currently sold in America - the concept car will boast rear wheel drive and a powerful V8.
"Peter Schreyer is convinced there is a market for a powerful saloon car and he charged the Frankfurt design team, Kia's European design office, to pen the car," said a spokesman.

"It's a styling exercise to show what it is possible. It will show where the brand is heading it's very exciting."

Although taking on BMW and other German brands' hot models would be nigh-on impossible, the very fact Kia is showing such a sporty model bodes well for the future.

Even if the concept doesn't make production for European markets it still points to a more sporty intent for the Korean firm.

"Kia has always aimed to be a sporty brand and we've certainly got plans to offer the models that match that ambition," added a spokesman.

He also revealed there will be a hot GTI version of the next generation Pro-cee'd in 2013. The new Cee'd will be shown at Geneva early next year and the hot version the year after.

"I've seen images of it and it's stunning," revealed the Kia spokesman. "Think VW Scirocco crossed with Ford Focus RS and you're nearly there."

Now that sounds like a Kia we could get really excited about...
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