How to avoid car theft

Mini interiorSome cars are more attractive to car thieves than others. Of the 9,070 customers with Ford Ka3s, for example, not one was stolen between 2004 and 2011.

But which vehicles do thieves see as the most 'stealable' when scoping out a street?
According to security expert and ex-burglar, Michael Fraser, it is the vehicles that will impress other thieves.

He said: "A Ford Ka is not very likely to be stolen as thieves will view them as cheap, with no power, and no street cred among thieves. Cars that are much more likely to be targeted, on the other hand, are the BMW 3.5, Jaguar XJ, Mercedes C Class, and Range Rover Sport."

Sporty makes and models are not the only vehicles to attract the attention of car thieves, though.

Vans are also often targeted – especially if tools or equipment inside them is on show, which is why van owners should always take care to ensure their belongings cannot be seen from the street.

"Cars are stolen for certain types of jobs, so for example, ram-raiders prefer sturdier vehicles with tow bars or oversize bumpers and they will choose dark-coloured vehicles so they blend in," Fraser said. "White vans are useful for moving for stolen goods though, because they appear anonymous."

Other tips for avoiding making your vehicle appealing to thieves include fitting alarms and anti-theft devices.

"Any anti-theft device will deter thieves to a certain extent," Fraser added. "The thief doesn't want to spend time trying to remove it. Instead they will just move on to the next car without any security. They will always avoid vehicles that have visible devices and deterrents such as a sticker saying 'this car has a tracker'."

When parking, it is also a good idea to turn the wheels into the kerb or towards another car as it take a lot more effort to move the vehicle in this instance. And, of course, to take all your valuables with you or put them safely out of sight.

"The best way to keep your vehicle safe is to have a tracker, keep the car locked and stow everything out of sight," Fraser said.

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How to avoid car theft

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