The 'dangerous' destinations turning into British holiday hotspots

The 'dangerous' destinations turning into British holiday hotspotsGorilla treks in Rwanda are particularly popular. Photo: PA

Destinations like Rwanda and Bosnia, once considered off-limits by British holidaymakers, are now rising up our holiday hotlist, according to research by Tripadvisor.

In the last year, Rwanda has seen more growth in searches on the holiday website than any other country, with an astounding 656% increase firmly planting it on adventurous British travellers' must-visit lists.

Rwanda is making a name for itself amongst outdoorsy tourists with its lush, rolling green hills and gorilla trekking and tours. The FCO still warns against travel to certain areas of Rwanda, but much of the country is now open to tourism.

And the dangerous-destination-boost doesn't stop with Rwanda. Many of the biggest search increases on TripAdvisor in the last year belong to destinations which were previously considered no-go zones.

Conflicts recently kept Macedonia off the tourist trail, but it's seen a 48% increase in searches for holidays there in the last year. Ohrid, a Unesco World Heritage Site in the southwestern part of the country and on the eastern part of Lake Ohrid, is particularly popular with tourists.

The FCO still warns against visiting certain parts of the country, but confirms most visits to the country are 'trouble-free'.

Sarajevo in Bosnia - out of bounds for much of the 90s during the Bosnian War - is also a hit with tourists ( with a 38% search boost), while the country is becoming known for affordable ski holidays.

Emma O'Boyle, TripAdvisor spokesperson, explained: 'As Brits look for their next great travel experience, it seems destinations that only a few years ago would never have been an option are now being considered.

'We're seeing rapidly growing interest in destinations like Rwanda and the Republic of Macedonia, showing that British travellers may be becoming more intrepid and looking for something different than the traditional beach holiday.

'As with any travel plans, it's important to check the FCO website for the latest travel advice so you can plan accordingly for the safest trip possible.'

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