Man arrested for 'complaining about change' on flight

Ruth Doherty
Man arrested for 'complaining about change' on flight
Man arrested for 'complaining about change' on flight


An investigation is under way after a man was arrested following a complaint he made about the change he was given by cabin crew after making an in-flight purchase.

The passenger, who wishes to remain anonymous, was on board an Aer Arran flight - who operate on behalf of Aer Lingus - from Bristol to Dublin, when the incident occurred.

He was arrested by Airport Police in front of other passengers, and was quickly released when they realised no crime had been committed.

He told the Sunday Independent: 'I've flown around the world twice and have had good and bad experiences on airlines but this incident was beyond belief.

'I complained about the change that I had received and the flight attendant had been rude to me on a number of occasions, but that was it.

'I never raised my voice, never made any threatening gestures and yet I was treated as if I was a terrorist.

He maintains he'd tried to ignore the flight attendant's rudeness for most of the flight, but was eventually so put out he's asked for her name so that he could make a complaint.

He explained: 'I was very annoyed at how I'd been treated throughout the flight, but once I was at home and had my bags, I realised that I probably wouldn't have bothered to make the complaint.'

But as he was getting ready to disembark the plane at Dublin, he saw it was surrounded by up to five airport vehicles, and the police were waiting to question him.

He was told the flight attendant had made a complaint, saying she feared for her life and the safety of the plane.

The Irish Gardai confirmed he was questioned but released when they found that 'no crime was committed'.

The passenger sent a letter of complaint to Aer Arran and Are Lingus, and three weeks later received a reply saying they'd looked into the incident and concluded that no further action was necessary.

But he was reportedly infuriated by a part that read: 'Aer Arann would like to have the opportunity to welcome you on board our flights again, subject to your assurance that your future conduct will be appropriate and acceptable'.

The man is now seeking a formal apology from the airline, whose spokesman said they had had a meeting with him last week, and have agreed to investigate further.