Brit faces deportation from Australia due to faulty travelcard

Brit faces deportation from Australia due to faulty travelcardGetty

A British man who was hoping to live permanently in Australia now faces deportation just because his railcard didn't work.

Engineer Mark Littler, who lives in Brisbane, was fined £126 after his travelcard failed to record a train fare of less than £2.

He told a member of staff that his ticket wasn't working as soon as he boarded the train at an unstaffed station, only to be told that he would have to pay a hefty penalty.

"She advised me that she would have to give me a warning," says Mr Littler. "I was however in disagreement as my go card would not tag on. Therefore I was not evading the fare, I was acting in good faith."

Mr Litter appealed against the fine, but a Magistrate upheld the decision and recorded a conviction for fare evasion.

This means that Mr Littler could be sent back to the UK if the Immigration Department reacts to the conviction.

Mr Littler now plans to take legal action agains Australia's Transport and Main Roads company in the hope of having the decision reversed.

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