Sharks feast on dead whale in Australia

Roshina Jowaheer
Sharks feast on dead whale
Sharks feast on dead whale

Suzanne Lowe/Newspix/Rex

A pack of hungry tiger sharks were seen enjoying an easy meal of whale carcass near Australia's Palm Island in the Great Barrier Reef, after a dead whale was washed ashore.

Around ten sharks reaching up to four metres in length lifted their snouts out of the water and tore whale blubber from the carcass.

The whale was thought to be Migaloo, a famous albino humback whale often seen off North Queensland.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service later confirmed it wasn't Migaloo.

The carcass was mostly brown in colour, even though parts of it appeared to be white. It was also too small to be the famous whale.

Migaloo was first seen in 1991 by aboriginal elders from the Hervey Bay area, who gave him the name meaning 'white fella'.

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