Lonely penguins perked up by sand sculpture friends

Roshina Jowaheer
Lonely penguins perked up by sand sculpture friends
Lonely penguins perked up by sand sculpture friends

Bournemouth News/Rex

A group of sad penguins at Weymouth Sealife Park in Dorset have perked up after an artist built them life-sized sand sculptures to replace the friends they'd lost.

The park's Humboldt penguins were left devastated when nine Gentoo penguins they shared an enclosure with were moved to London.

The Gentoos stayed temporarily at the park in transit to their new permanent home, but while in Weymouth they got on well with the resident Humboldts and staff noticed their mood change after the Gentoos left.

Palm trees and a working shower were added to their enclosure to cheer the penguins up but they remained depressed until a local artist Mark Anderson heard of their distress and built them life-sized replica penguins out of sand.

Since the sculptures were added, park staff have noticed an improvement in their mood.

Displays supervisor at Sea Life, Fiona Smith said: 'The Gentoos were very different to our more easy-going Humboldts, but our penguins got quite attached to them and still seemed to be missing them.'

Artist Mark Anderson said: 'It's always nice to help your neighbours, especially when they're as comical and charming a group as these amazing penguins'.

'The compacted sand can withstand strong winds and light rain, and the sculptures should survive a week or two at least.'

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