Video: Moto GP champ struggles with four wheels

It's a humbling moment when you first realise that perhaps you will never make it to the elite circles of four-wheeled motor racing, and for most of us that happens on a social trip with work to the local go-karting track.

It will be of great reassurance to all of us that have suffered this moment of embarrassing realisation that this is not something restricted to account managers from Milton Keynes - as Moto GP champion Nicky Hayden shows in this video of him struggling to get to grips with a Mercedes DTM car.
Unfortunately for Nicky, his learning curve needed to be about as quick as the corners his teacher David Coulthard took him around on his demonstration laps as he had a live audience of other racing drivers, spectators and a video camera.

Despite a decidedly dodgy start, the 2006 Moto GP World Champion appears to have got the hang of it all by the end of his time in the car, although probably not enough to start switching series just yet.

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