Thorpe Park to open £18m post-apocalyptic ride in spring 2012

Thorpe Park to open £18m post-apocalyptic ride in spring 2012Thorpe Park/LA Times

Scream if you want to go faster... through post-apocalyptic scenes of war and destruction on the UK's first fourth dimension roller coaster!

Thorpe Park is set to debut its new £18 million new winged coaster, called The Swarm, in early 2012.

It will the be the UK's first winged ride - with thrill-seekers sitting either side of the track - and will also feature 4D rotating seats.

According to the LA Times, The Swarm is the second coaster of its kind in the world (after the 2011 debut of Raptor at Italy's Gardaland), and will be built on a man-made island in the theme park.

The post-apocalyptic theme will take over the whole island, with an overturned big rig truck, a destroyed television satellite truck, and shipping containers doubling as shops, foot stands and toilets.

And the ride itself will nose-dive through a backdrop of devastation, including a crashed airplane, a burnt-out fire engine, and a smashed-up helicopter, with the ride station being a demolished chapel.

Can't wait!

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