Nissan plugs in Lincoln after Top Gear visit

Electric car owners in Lincoln now need not spend precious mileage range on the hopeless hunt for a charge point. After the struggles of Top Gear presenters, Jeremy Clarkson and James May were aired on Sunday, Nissan has announced the installation of two electric charge points in the East Midlands city. And as a bonus, usage is free.

The two presenters took part in a road trip featuring the Nissan Leaf and Citroen C-Zero where they struggled to find charge points for the cars after failing to reach their destination. After an unsuccessful hunt in the city, the pair was forced to charge their vehicles at Lincoln University from a domestic plug.Nissan executive Andy Palmer said: "With its new charging points and the fame generated by Top Gear, Lincoln could find itself becoming a tourist destination for Nissan LEAF owners."

That would certainly suit the town's local politicians, who were quick to applaud the manufacturer's selfless act of corporate promotion.

'We're committed to reducing the city's carbon footprint, but know that we can't do it alone, so it's great that private businesses like Nissan are getting behind this and putting in the infrastructure,' said Councillor Fay Smith.

Indeed. Now all Top Gear need to do is conduct a similar feature through every English town and city and Nissan might just get around to delivering the number of charging points the Leaf needs to succeed.

Kabeer Mahajan
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