Polish supercar takes to the streets

We fully admire anyone that starts up a car company with the intention of taking on the established brands at their own game, but building a supercar is a tricky business, and is about so much more than strapping a big engine into a beautiful body.

Consequently we're not convinced the boys at Polish company Arrinera have quite figured out the best way to make an entry into the egocentric, ultra brand-conscious world of supercars yet.
Apparently their prototype has a 630bhp 6.2-litre supercharged engine and an exhaust that produces a "wonderful euphonious sound". The bodywork is said to be made of carbon fibre and the styling is described as having "perfect proportions and aggressive lines".

Fair enough. These are all things that you'd imagine would be highlighted in the first promo video of the car. Foolishly we imagined the Lamborghini-inspired machine roaring past a movie camera on a deserted country road in soft focus.

But we were wrong. Apparently it is far better to stick a hand held camera out of your mate's passenger window while tootling down the motorway. And then put a 90's sci-fi film soundtrack behind it all.

Still, that curved rear numberplate is quite cool.

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