Could this gold-trimmed Rolls-Royce be the ultimate luxury vehicle?

Has this Rolls Royce got the most bling ever? Around 120kg of solid 18ct gold has been fitted to the exterior and interior of this stretched Phantom.

Created in collaboration with UK designer Stuart Hughes and Eurocash AG of Zug Switzerland, this Roller is also fully protected against thieves and terrorist attacks.
Built for a Middle Eastern businessman, the gold interior and exterior trim was specially made with moulds.

Apart from the gold trim, the Phantom's bodywork looks standard. However, the well hidden armour plating has been ballistically tested against bullets from a Kalashnikov AK 47 and a Dragunov. It can also withstand the blast of two hand grenades.

Costing £5 million to build, this special Phantom took 18 months to complete and has now been shipped to its new owner.

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