Honda showcases new Japanese CR-Z Mugen RR

Honda has released some new pictures of the CR-Z Mugen RR - the Japanese answer to the one-off concept built by the tuner's European operation.

The car was revealed at last month's Goodwood Festival of Speed, and like its European counterpart, is intended to showcase the CR-Z's tuning potential.
However, while the UK-built Mugen featured a supercharged 197bhp version of the standard car's hybrid powertrain, there's no word on what's under the new show car's bonnet.

Nevertheless, even if the car is largely a styling exercise, the effect is impressive. The Mugen RR owes its new look to a number of bespoke carbon fibre parts, including the bonnet, doors and rear tailgate.

Mechanical changes are limited to a twin central-exit exhaust, race-developed suspension and orange 4-piston monobloc brake calipers.

Inside, Mugen has added a motorsport-inspired information screen which records chassis and engine data, and can 'learn' a circuit using GPS to log lap times.

Don't get too excited though, Honda insists the car is just a concept and there are no plans for furthe production. The wait for a Mugen-branded CR-Z goes on.
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