Cattle class! Duke and Duchess surprise passengers on Flybe

Ruth Doherty
Duke and Duchess fly cattle class on Flybe for Mike and Zara's wedding
Duke and Duchess fly cattle class on Flybe for Mike and Zara's wedding


Everybody knows that weddings can be an expensive affair - but, even so, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tightened their belts for Mike and Zara's nuptials this weekend.

Kate and William stunned fellow passengers when they joined them on a Flybe flight from Edinburgh back to Manchester after the wedding.

OK, so they flew with bodyguards and were whisked off by a private car waiting for them on the airfield when they landed at 7.40pm on Sunday, but they still went through normal check-in procedures and joined the public in the 'cheap seats' as there's no first class on Flybe.

The pair landed at Manchester because it is the closest international airport to their home in Anglesey, where William is an RAF rescue helicopter pilot.

And they weren't the only royals giving a nod to the harsh economic times. Prince Harry also made his way home from the wedding on a low-cost carrier, choosing to fly Easyjet from Edinburgh.

The 26-year-old checked in his green army-issue bag for a tenner, and paid around £16.50 for the flight.

The Queen will no doubt be ever-so-pleased with her grandsons' restraint, after urging her family to be aware of the recession and avoid overt displays of extravagance.

Somebody might want to have a word with Prince Andrew, then, who's been dubbed Airmiles Andy for his extravagant use of taxpayer-funded travel - with a particular fondness for the Queen's helicopter.

Bonus points for the Duke and Duchess, who also pleased Manchester Airport with their appearance.

A spokesman told the Daily Mail: 'With the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge living not too far away in North Wales, we were hoping to see them more often and become their local international airport of choice and we are looking forward to welcoming them through our doors over the coming years. We've even given our Royal Lounge a (£20,000) makeover in time for their next visit.'

One way flights from Edinburgh to Manchester with the Flybe start at £37.99.

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