Video: Man pulls a car with a bowl stuck to his belly

There are some 'talents' that are so surreal that you wonder how on earth the person in question discovered them, and why they would look to develop them further.

Wu Zhilong, a 20-year-old man from China has somehow found out that he can stick bowl-like objects onto his stomach so firmly that they cannot be pulled off by human hand. In fact, the power of suction – there is no glue involved here – is so strong that he can pull a car with the setup.
Presumably an empty car would have been too easy, so Wu got a load of mates to sit on the car – 12 in total – so the overall weight came to 2.2 tonnes. Bear in mind there is no glue involved,

"This is my first time pulling a car. I've never tried it before. I used to pull just small things," said Wu.

"My dream is to work hard so that some day it may be entered into the Guinness World Records."

We've all got to have a dream, Wu, and best of luck to you with yours, you wonderfully bonkers little man.

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