South of France? No, it's Somerset (honestly)

Ruth Doherty
South of France? No, it's Somerset (honestly)
South of France? No, it's Somerset (honestly)


You'd be forgiven for thinking this blooming beautiful picture of a field of lavender was a scene from the middle of Provence.

But the gorgeous image was actually taken in England, in deepest Somerset.

Around 50,000 plants stretch in rows towards the horizon at a farm in Faulkland, near Radstock, where the lavender is harvested for everything from essential oils, to ice-cream flavouring.

Photographer Sandra Kreuzinger was impressed by the 'intense' colour and smell that lingered in the morning mist.

Sandra, from Rostock, Germany, said: 'At 5.30 am, shortly after sunrise, the mist cleared and I was able to take this shot.

'The lavender had an amazing colour and smell.'

And it looks simply stunning.

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