Drink driving rate rises says police

The percentage of positive breath tests provided at the side of the road has risen compared to 12 months ago according to police chiefs.

Figures show that 6.06 percent of those tested in June gave a positive reading or refused or failed to give a sample, compared to 5.60 percent in 2010.
However, given that fewer motorists were tested this year, the number of drivers actually caught for drink driving is down from 5,652 to 5,373.

Officers stopped and tested 88,629 drivers as a result of a crackdown on driving under the influence in England, Wales and Northern Ireland throughout June.

The proportion of motorists aged under 25 caught drink driving has also risen, by 15 percent from 6.43 to 7.40 percent. However the total tested also fell, from 27,147 to 21,550.

The amount of drug tests increased by 30 percent though, with 337 being administered compared to 259 last year. As a result, 122 of those tested were arrested.

"Whilst there has been a fall in the number of breath tests carried out in this year's campaign the increase in the percentage of positive test shows that we are targeting the offending drivers more effectively," said ACPO lead officer on roads policing chief constable Phil Gormley.

"Once again, the figures clearly demonstrate that if you drink and drive you are significantly more likely to be involved in a collision and lose your licence. It is worrying that younger drivers continue to drink and drive and we will be redoubling our efforts to address this unacceptable behaviour."
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