Christian Horner: Good result given conditions

Christian Horner looks back on the race in Hungary with Autoblog UK and is quite satisfied at the outcome given the weather.

Sebastian looked very happy with P2. You would have preferred a win, no doubt, but today's result was the best possible, I suppose?Christian Horner: It was a good result given the conditions. A lot can go wrong in such poor conditions. These are the worst conditions for a race, neither wet nor dry. From that aspect, P2 is a great result.

Two drivers in the lead, one of them 85 points clear, you must be pleased...
Christian Horner: It's good as we go into the summer break, but we mustn't forget, McLaren and Ferrari are also very strong. We'll step on the gas this week prior to the factory summer shutdown.

Are McLaren faster in the wet than you? Is this something you must work on?
Christian Horner: It varies. We were quicker at various stages in the race, and then they were faster. These are unusual conditions for Hungary, but they seem to like the cool weather. We would prefer to be where it's warmer.
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